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Viewpoint: Why we need to remove 'politically-motivated regulatory barriers' hindering genetically modified crop innovation
‘Every time you sit down in the subway, you are likely commuting with an entirely new species’: 12,000 new bacteria and viruses discovered in 6 continent study
Wait and see: Many parents remain cautious about getting their teens COVID vaccinated
‘They can put a key on their forehead. It sticks’: Ohio GOP embraces crackpot doctor’s view that COVID vaccines magnetize people and interface with 5G towers
Symptoms tell us only so much about the roots of depression. Here’s a new set of tools that could unlock the physiology of the brain, leading to cutting-edge therapies
Facing mounting number of glyphosate lawsuits, Bayer offers 5-point plan to address future Roundup weedkiller claims
Podcast — 'We're growing food now in a way that doesn't leave room for other biodiversity':  How GMO crops are affecting the monarch butterfly and what can be done about it
CRISPRoff: Gene editing epigenetic method allows researchers to turn most genes in the human genome on and off without altering DNA sequences
Viewpoint: Patenting human embryo gene editing? Two rival universities push the ethical and legal debate
‘Optogenetics’ miracle? Gene therapy and high-tech goggles partially restore sight to man blinded for 40 years
How CRISPR gene editing could dramatically reduce health threats posed by disease-carrying mosquitoes
Podcast: EU food retailers don't want CRISPR crops; Glyphosate threatens insects? Gene editing may fight high cholesterol
Does DNA 'determine' our health? The way you live your life can significantly modulate the effects of our genetic endowment
Space wine: How sending grapevines into orbit could protect the wine industry from devastating impacts of climate change
Could the current fascination with ‘regenerative agriculture’ spur production of more sustainable eggs?
Aquaplastic derived from E. coli confronts the plastic waste crisis? Made from gut bacteria, this genetically engineered biodegradable material completely dissolves in 45 days
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