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The GLP does not collect your personal data in any way except for what you provide in signing up for newsletters or other GLP services. We allow for advertising on the GLP produced by third-party advertisers.

We work with third parties to show you personalized ads on behalf of advertisers. This data come from ad tracking technologies set by the third party (e.g., cookies), the information you provide (e.g., your email address), your use of our services (e.g., your reading history), information from advertisers or advertising vendors (e.g., demographic data) and anything inferred from any of this information. Google uses cookies or unique device identifiers, in combination with their own data, to show you ads based on you visiting the site and other sites. You can opt out of the use of the Google cookie by visiting the related Google privacy policy.

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Conflict of Interest

This nonprofit is pledged to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest wherever and whenever possible. We have adopted stringent policies on these issues, conscious that they may be more restrictive than is customary in the world of private business. In particular: We accept no gifts from news sources. We accept no free trips. We neither seek nor accept preferential treatment that might be rendered because of the positions we hold. We do not accept either honoraria or expenses from governments, government-funded organizations, groups of government officials, political groups or organizations that take positions on controversial issues.

Verification and Fact-Checking Standards, and Corrections

There is no “Genetic Literacy Project position” on any issue. Each writer has primary responsibility for reporting, writing, and fact-checking their stories. When a story is opinion-driven, it is marked as a “Viewpoint” story. Reports are subject to review by one or more editors, who retain responsibility to run or not run a story. When pertinent, we review written quotes and audio tapes of interviews. Senior editors who have overall oversight of the daily reporting, features and resources review every online post. We are responsive in correcting errors. When we run a correction, clarification or editor’s note, we tell readers what was wrong and what is correct. If we are substantively correcting an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video or other material, we publish a note explaining the change. The time stamp for any article changed is updated.


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