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Biotech Facts & Fallacies
Genetics Unzipped
The GLP Library contains over 25,000 articles—it is among the largest online repositories of genetics knowledge
Viewpoint: Free speech vs science—Should colleges invite anti-GMO speakers they 'know' spread misinformation?
Podcast: Dogology—The science of our four-legged friends
Viewpoint: New York Times' Nicholas Kristof again echoes scientifically dubious fears about falling sperm counts and ‘endocrine disrupting’ chemicals
Viewpoint: Regenerative agriculture—a marketing 'buzzword' for sustainable practices many farmers have used for decades
What CRISPR can do for the world
Delay aging and extend our lifespans? Gene therapy might be able to do that
Law firms that led glyphosate-cancer litigation against Bayer want a ‘bigger slice’ of the record-breaking settlement
Cloned animals: A safe, sustainable source of food and medicine?
Do you thrive in cold weather? 20% of people have a genetic mutation that keeps skeletal muscles warmer
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African researchers use gene editing and other tools to breed heartier livestock
Synthetic biology is creating a more sustainable world—advancing precision medicine, curbing pollution, conserving energy and securing data
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