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Biotech Facts & Fallacies
Genetics Unzipped
The GLP Library contains over 25,000 articles—it is among the largest online repositories of genetics knowledge
Gene-edited crops ‘safe for human consumption and the environment,’ Health Canada finds
Skeptical of AquaBounty’s salmon? Nature makes GM fish, too
7 fold: For COVID survivors, a vaccine jab dramatically boosts antibody response
Viewpoint: Uganda’s ‘mistrust of science’ threatens local farming innovation and economic growth
Regrowing brain tissue? With the help of gene therapy, stroke victims can recover motor function
Pesticides and Food: It’s not a black or white issue — Part 3: How dangerous is glyphosate?
Epigenetics finding completely upends our understanding of drug addiction
‘What we have right now does not work’: Gene editing aims to relieve chronic pain
Gene transfer therapies are the ‘next big thing’ in medicine. Here’s how gene editing works and the companies behind it
‘Broken heart syndrome’: High stress, emotional situations can kill you
Central Uganda’s new leadership pledges support for GM crops: ‘We have a cardinal role to ensure food security’
Do omega-3 fatty acid fish oil supplements lower heart disease risk? Only for people with specific genes, researchers find
Opening the door to understanding infertility: Skin cells reprogrammed into a model human embryo
Agroecology in Africa: Silver bullet or pathway to poverty?
Could lab-grown wood halt deforestation around the world?
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